Overclock Samsung Galaxy Y to 1.2Ghz

Here is something special for all of you!  Here is something which could overclock your galaxy y from 832 MHz to 1.2 GHz. This overclocking is made possible by one the xda-developer “Maroc-OS” which his Kernel Merruk 2.5.

Maroc-OS, had removed the original download links to this kernel because more than 80% users reported that the kernel didn’t work (never boots up!). But it’s really great that one other developer “BiswajitBarman” find a way to install it. So try it yourself!

Keep in mind, This is not an officially released version and has bugs in it. So be carefull. Check the comments for bugs reported by others. Also remember to have a backup with cmw.

Things to download

  • ClockWorkMode : Download this if its not pre-installed. : Download
  •  Merruk technology2.0.tar  : Download
  •  Elite : Download
  • : Download
  •  Kernel : Download

How to? 

  • Copy all files to Sd-Card [be sure it is not in any folders].
  • Extract the “boot.img” file from Merruk technology 2.0.tar into the sd-card.
  • If you have the app “Link2Sd” installed, do a clean up sd-card. If you haven’t installed it, continue to step 4.
  • Go to phone’s recovery mode by switching off phone, press “Vol up + Home + Power”.
  • Flash if you haven’t pre-installed it [vol up/down for choosing options & home button for selection].
  • Now you are in Clockworkmod, Now choose “Install .zip from Sd-card” and flash “kernel”.
  • Go to Backup & Restore and backup your rom.
  • Now Flash
  • Next, Go to Advanced and do a Error Report.
  • Flash
  • Go to Back and restore > Advanced, Restore “System, data & cache”. Keep in mind not to restore boot and sd-ext.
  • Done! Reboot and enjoy.

First boot make take sometime. If it is not booted even after 10min, do the steps again and in step 3 clean up sd-card with link2sd.

For Stock Rom

Thanks to “Jeff” for this method.

1.Flash kuro kernel
3.Check if your kernel changed in settings> about phone> kernel=
to kuro. If yes goback to CWM.
4. Flash kernel update
5. Backup your rom > backup&restore> backup
6. Flash elite module
7. Try to do error report will ask to open your rOm manager . I try to WIpE DALVIC CACHE just for experiment :-P
8 Flash ext4 converter zip
9. I restored system, data, and cache.
10. Reboot

Video Tutorial

On Stock Rom [Thanks to jeff]


Here are some screen shots of my Galaxy Y in 1.2 Ghz! (In Hyperion Rom)



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469 responses to “Overclock Samsung Galaxy Y to 1.2Ghz”

  1. wayne says :

    I have link2sd installed. How can i do the step3. Can u please teach me

  2. sachinvjn says :

    its optional. you can also do it with any other kernel.

  3. Mr.X says :

    please i need some help i did all the steps in the video but i got stuck where you i try to do the advanced restore with the backup but it says e: cache not readable or something like that so i try to restore with the backup i made before doing any thing and it also says the same thing so i rebooted an the Samsung logo appears but it stays stuck there so i took the battery out and put it back and then i reboot in recovery mode and i don’t get the normal recovery red letters instead i get the cwm yellow letters without having to go to the install update from SD card thing so i rebooted once again with the backup i did before doing anything and it did restore just that it keeps restarting itself every once in a while all by itself but i install the CPU master but it says on the big letters 1248 MHz but. what do i do should i restore with Odin or what? please help me.
    i deleted both backups.

    • sachinvjn says :

      now do one thing, flash a new firmware with odin. then flash a new kernel (one of merruk’s) and then try it again. Hope it will work.

      • Mr.X says :

        what do i do if in Odin the yellow box doesn’t appear. cant i just install the kernel again and see if this time it installs correctly. my current ROM is creeds 3.5. does that change anything? please reply.

  4. arash says :

    is this work with galaxy y duos?

  5. raghav says :

    admin…i did evrythng just now..testin left..but 1 thing i observed is… fucking ram dude…it was 290 mb….and now it is just 250mb ….please reply

  6. raghav says :

    reply please admin… 40 mb matters alot….
    admin…i did evrythng just now..testin left..but 1 thing i observed is… fucking ram dude…it was 290 mb….and now it is just 250mb ….please reply

  7. jarold says :

    is this flashing method works on any rom? nemesis rom and other costum roms? tnx

  8. saif says :

    hey admin can i overclock my galaxy y which is already overclocked to 900mhz????????????

  9. Lokesh FX says :

    will it support init.d
    swap support
    firelwall support

  10. Denni Prawiro says :

    hi, im already using
    custom rom
    can i overclock my
    galaxy Y to 1.2 GHz?
    send answer to my
    email please
    : denniprawiro70@
    Thanks 🙂

  11. brown says :

    i cant extract Merruk technology2.0.tar

  12. brown says :

    cant fine the …boot img…file

  13. Darkwarrior says :

    When I overclocked it, my phone restarted every 30 mins, so i flashed a new kernel, but how do i install it without it restarting every time?

  14. asdaspddas says :

    its for galaxy y tv s5467?

  15. b00sa98 says :

    Hi! I have a question. If i am with stock ROM and overclock to 1.2 GHz and then i change on custom ROM is it stay overclocked to 1.2 GHz or i need to overclock it again. PLEASE REPLY ME! (sorry for my bad english its not my first language)

    • sachinvjn says :

      if the custom rom has a kernel inside it, you’ll lost it. check inside the zip file (of custom rom) and see if there is a boot.img file present. If yes, then that rom has a kernel inside.

  16. Denni Prawiro says :

    hi, where can i get kuro kernel ???

  17. Denni Prawiro says :


  18. Denni Prawiro says :

    its run okay, no problem on my phone, but why i try to booting my sgy its hang for a minute? any idea to fix it? thanks 🙂

  19. Kunal says :

    Try cyan. mod ics for more feutures like 3d gaming exper.

  20. nhoel says :

    please reply 😦 my phone stack on opening samsung galaxy y .. im using nemesis rom… and i followed your step accurately

  21. erick says :

    reply this pls
    when i try 2 restore system it says error while restoring system

  22. sreejith says :

    can i overclock my galaxy y and install new version of android os to it

  23. KAVIN says :

    i wrongly installed these steps in galaxy y duos and it struck on the start screen what can i do…..
    please give me a solution for this….

  24. Alessandro says :

    meu celular nao inicia fica parado na tela de inicio

  25. Indra says :

    hello i’m using canyocream v2 in my gsy. So whose kernal is used best tell me sir

  26. fery says :

    my phone isn’t start , what can i do ?

  27. sachinvjn says :

    can i install temple run after installing this kernal

  28. raulmcrs says :

    already did in my SGY and works great, thanks for the tutorial and the overclock, do it ami not turned off or anything everything perfect

  29. vimal prasad says :

    how can we test d processing speed??

  30. vimal prasad says :

    i did not extract merruk kernal
    but i follwed steps after that nd sucsessfully overclocked to 1.2ghz
    is there ny problem with dat??( because it didnot extract merruk)

  31. Aqeem Mohd says :

    i’m using stock rom, can i overclock it, sir ? 🙂

  32. Mayur says :

    my phone has hacked!!!!!! 😦

  33. ashutosh says :

    I cant find the the boot.imh
    plz help mr admin how to extract

  34. imran says :

    sir isko install karne se original prossesor increase ho jayega

  35. imran says :

    when i run gangster wch hero of sparta then it apear white graphics and hd games very hangs after over clocking 1.2ghz it can i run perfectly tell me ( sorry for my bad english)

  36. adriel says :

    sir where are the links for the stock rom

  37. imran says :

    my phone now logo hang how to repair my phone

  38. Avijit Das says :

    After going through all the steps correctly my galaxy y gt-s5360 is not rebooting at what should i do??? Reply fast man..I am waiting..

  39. Ashutosh says :

    again i cant find boot.img;(

  40. Cu Qi says :

    can I play temple run2 after install this?

  41. Marvin Bernardino says :

    i did all the steps but after rebooting my screen was stuck on the opening of the phone,it wont open even if i wait for a long please. i cant really open my phone

  42. Yoessriieell says :

    my rom jellyblast v3
    super fast

  43. Dhanush says :

    can i play games with this 1.2 ghz without any lag……..??

  44. welkar13 says :

    hey bro what should i do it says error when restoring system but the cached and data was successfully restored only the system is not. REPLY ASAP thanks in advance

  45. welkar13 says :

    again bro at 1st i installed hyperion 7 GM. final and it was successful but when i flash the kernel meruk error when restoring system but the cache and data was successful only the system is not. thanks in advance bro

  46. welkar13 says :

    wooooooo i’d figure out already thanks for posting your comments 😀

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