Overclock Samsung Galaxy Y to 1.2Ghz

Here is something special for all of you!  Here is something which could overclock your galaxy y from 832 MHz to 1.2 GHz. This overclocking is made possible by one the xda-developer “Maroc-OS” which his Kernel Merruk 2.5.

Maroc-OS, had removed the original download links to this kernel because more than 80% users reported that the kernel didn’t work (never boots up!). But it’s really great that one other developer “BiswajitBarman” find a way to install it. So try it yourself!

Keep in mind, This is not an officially released version and has bugs in it. So be carefull. Check the comments for bugs reported by others. Also remember to have a backup with cmw.

Things to download

  • ClockWorkMode : Download this if its not pre-installed. : Download
  •  Merruk technology2.0.tar  : Download
  •  Elite : Download
  • : Download
  •  Kernel : Download

How to? 

  • Copy all files to Sd-Card [be sure it is not in any folders].
  • Extract the “boot.img” file from Merruk technology 2.0.tar into the sd-card.
  • If you have the app “Link2Sd” installed, do a clean up sd-card. If you haven’t installed it, continue to step 4.
  • Go to phone’s recovery mode by switching off phone, press “Vol up + Home + Power”.
  • Flash if you haven’t pre-installed it [vol up/down for choosing options & home button for selection].
  • Now you are in Clockworkmod, Now choose “Install .zip from Sd-card” and flash “kernel”.
  • Go to Backup & Restore and backup your rom.
  • Now Flash
  • Next, Go to Advanced and do a Error Report.
  • Flash
  • Go to Back and restore > Advanced, Restore “System, data & cache”. Keep in mind not to restore boot and sd-ext.
  • Done! Reboot and enjoy.

First boot make take sometime. If it is not booted even after 10min, do the steps again and in step 3 clean up sd-card with link2sd.

For Stock Rom

Thanks to “Jeff” for this method.

1.Flash kuro kernel
3.Check if your kernel changed in settings> about phone> kernel=
to kuro. If yes goback to CWM.
4. Flash kernel update
5. Backup your rom > backup&restore> backup
6. Flash elite module
7. Try to do error report will ask to open your rOm manager . I try to WIpE DALVIC CACHE just for experiment :-P
8 Flash ext4 converter zip
9. I restored system, data, and cache.
10. Reboot

Video Tutorial

On Stock Rom [Thanks to jeff]


Here are some screen shots of my Galaxy Y in 1.2 Ghz! (In Hyperion Rom)



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469 responses to “Overclock Samsung Galaxy Y to 1.2Ghz”

  1. paklic9 says :

    Hi, i do what you say. and have still problem but not same problem. now is ok starting mobile but after lagged mobile in black screen only black 😦 you know how can i fix ? can i have overclock to 1.2 ?

    • admin says :

      Okay do one thing. Flash a new firmware with odin. [Don’t forget to use the .pit file in odin and enable repartition.]. After that try to flash a new Rom (like Jellyblast or Hyperion) which usually have a custom kernel in it. Then flash any of the merruks kernel like merruk 2.0.

      Then try to do these steps…

  2. paklic9 says :

    ok i dont need do one think. I yesterday do again from tutorial:
    and now work have overclocked to 1.248 ghz.
    But have still lags in game. Game name is subway Surfers. say why?? 😦

  3. rajendran says :

    can i underclock back to the 832MHz processor?(plz sent the detail to my mail id)

  4. Dastaan Jaiswal says :

    sir i have done every step but during restoring system it gets an error plz help…….

  5. LuizBR says :

    Tanks man is worked in my default ROM of my samsung galaxy!!!!!

  6. Jay says :

    dude give me ur gtalk id or contact id…
    i want some help regarding my galaxy y….

  7. paklic9 says :

    hi, what is better for games. overclock my galaxy y to 900 mhz or 1 ghz or 1.2 ghz(but at 1.2 ghz only 250 ram)??? Please help me.what is better for games.

    And wha is the best rom for playing games?

    • admin says :

      1ghz is a laggy one and 1.2ghz is not at all stable. I think 900mhz is quite stable. well, I don’t used to play games on my phone and so I don’t know which one is the best. may be you can use “kuro” kernel.

      Rom, you could use any custom Roms like hyperion etc..

      • paklic9 says :

        I now have 900 mhz and i think it is the best maybe but i dont know. And have STOCK rom. And have kernel version: root@ubuntu 39.
        Ok i will use 900 mhz.
        What rom is better Hyperion rom or Techdous Rom?

      • admin says :

        Techdous is for Galaxy Y duos right? Hyperion will be my choice.

  8. basic7777 says :

    Hey dude! I experimented my SGY once again
    And it is fully able on Creeds rom 3.5
    Lalalala … No major bugs yet since creed have no tweaks added and I think this is the reason
    Though!! Hahaha

  9. basic7777 says :

    It is fully able on Creeds from 3.5. I have it.

  10. basic7777 says :

    It is fully able on creeds rom 3.5. No bugs yet detected..

  11. paklic9 says :

    Technoduos rom work on galaxy y but have bugs. 😀 But after is good playing games 😀 without lags.
    So i need game rom for galaxy y. you know good rom for play games? Hyperion lags low.

  12. paklic9 says :

    I have technoduos rom i fix for galaxy y now work normal, but i cant still overclock to 900 mhz…. and i dont know why 😦 you can help me?

  13. jj says :

    well when i restore system ,data & cache E: Can’t mount /cache/recovery/command
    E: Can’t mount /cache/recovery/log
    E: Can’t open /cache/recovery/log
    E: Can’t mount /cache/recovery/last_log
    E: Can’t open /cache/recovery/last_log
    apper how can i fix it ~I had follow all the step from the video

  14. petana says :

    please help .. install and I did everything but I did clean the sd card because I had installed link2Sd and now I restarted from scratch and do help me

    • admin says :

      okay now you have cleaned your sdcard. do the other steps as in the post. If your phone fails to start, flash a new firmware and do it again.

  15. muhib shah says :

    For noobs it’s not working but for advanced users like me it’s working smooth like butter thanks admin i succesfully overclocked my phone to 1.2 ghz.i also checked other guides to overclock my galaxy y but but others sites were not providing links of all files like kernal updater and merruks technology your guide is the best over internet what a genius admin you are.
    change in performance before and after overclock
    Antutu 2d and 3d score before overclock 500 to 516 after overclock 775 to 800 great gl1.1 before 11.05 to 11.20 after 14.40 to 14.80 3.50fps increase is amazing for playing games ps1 games fps is also increased around 10 to 15 fps 60% performance is increased
    phone details
    rom; hperion 8 bulit 2
    cpu freq:, 936 to 1248 onedemand governer noop
    Increased internal storage to 602 mb with 2nd partation my device has been upgraded from low to mid end device ha ha ha untill i upgrade to xperia t i will play games on gxy without much lags take care good bye admin

  16. ismike says :

    wer can u find kuro kernel?i have stock rom

  17. oasis says :

    I have also successfully overclock my young to 1.2 ghz with ussr 9 jellynoid but the problem is my chainfire 3d keeps on force closing after each reboot ….any suggestions

  18. aditya says :

    i want to underclock my sg y plz help

  19. sujit says :

    sir plz help me i do all what u say but its not working and my phone is not working.
    when i’m on my phone it just stop in samsung gt-s5360 and stop in this..
    plz help me my email adress is –
    plz mail me
    n plz plz plz help me……..

  20. sujit says :

    I dont no how to flash plz help me…..

  21. sujit says :

    I dont no how to flash plz help me….
    plz send firmwere links and odin.
    can I install jellyblast v3

  22. paresh kothari says :

    Hey dude can this works on galaxy pop GT S5570?????????
    Plz rpy

  23. Vaibhav says :

    Hello Admin,
    I have installed JellyBlast v3 with Updated latest OTA5 Pre-Nemsis..
    what should i do? i also tried to install it .. it starts and suddnly screen stops working or sometimes Blackscreen or restart for longer time.. so i managed to recover from it, flashed back to stock and installed JellyBlast v3 again with all OTA updates Pre-Nemsis.
    Please help!!

  24. Angel says :

    hello my samsung y is new i want to install first the hyperion then do the overlock does it matter what i do first? or wich should i do first please help..

    • admin says :

      you don’t have to install hyperion for this overclocking. read my post and you’ll find how to install the kernel.

      But your galaxy y is new right? So before overclocking, flash any other kernel like merruk 2.0 first.

    • Vaibhav says :

      Angel, My suggestions is that not to install ANY Custom roms… Murruk kernal Works fine on Stock Roms..
      But to install Murruk Kernel on stock rom requires Kuroz Kernal..
      So first Flash “Kuroz” latest kernal than Flash “Murruk 2.0” do not directly flash Mukkrk 2.5.

  25. Rom says :

    Admin I want to ask some questions how to unbrick my SGY cuz I want to get prepared if I brick my phone hehe Thanks!!

  26. Sujit says :

    Sir, i do the steps but in odin the yellow signal is not coming and its not working….
    I have already intalled SG driver.
    What do i do?

  27. San says :

    Admin Help !!!! When I start the phonr the Logo keeps on flickerning

  28. Sujit says :

    Sir, i’m follow instruction but its not working. The yellow signal is coming .
    I have done all things…
    starting after few seconds it say fail.
    I dont know what to do?
    Plz plz plz

  29. Sipun says :

    Hey dude i have the same problem.
    My sgy also stucked at sgy logo.
    I’m flashing a stock rom but it says fail why plz tell me?

  30. Alar Antohin says :

    I added you to Facebook. I got some questions about this thing
    1. Does it work with Creeds ROM 5.5?
    2. Does it touch my installed apps? I mean do I have to re-install some/all of them?
    3. Does it touch any system settings, do I have to re-set some or all of them?
    4. There is possibility phucking something up. After phucking up, how to restore?

    If it works with my rom and stuff then it’s good. Currently I use V8 Supercharger scripts, they made my phone super fast. If you are not using them. I completely reccomend using them after that overclock thing. It will make it very fast as it optimizes memory usage n other shiet

  31. habeeb says :

    Is it 900mhz is better or 1.2ghz for galaxy y

  32. Hendra says :

    when iam backup
    E: Can’t mount /cache/recovery/log
    E: Can’t open /cache/recovery/log
    E: Can’t mount /cache/recovery/last_log
    E: Can’t open /cache/recovery/last_log
    how to fix it:(
    plz reply

  33. paolo palomeno says :

    when i used it, i will automatically turn off. pls help me

  34. Mboh says :

    error while restoring/sytem
    how to fix:(

  35. Sujit says :

    Sir, i have tried your odin and use your pit file but fail again
    plz tell me what to do?

  36. Sipun says :

    Hey, bro i’m using ur odin and pit file also tik repartition but its fail again and when i’m trying to on my phone my phone screen goes black and before i’m doing this i’m able to go recovery mode and stuck at sgy logo but after doing this i can’t go to recovery mode and my screem goes black……plz tell me what i do?

    • admin says :

      can you enter to recovery?
      or just try to flash again. load the pit file, check repartition.
      or might serch for a tut on youtube.

  37. Swarup says :

    After doing this will I be able to play games like temple run and subway surfers?

  38. Sipun says :

    I can’t enter to recovery mode. I’m flashing again and again also tik repartition and use pit file its always says fail
    can u help me?

  39. Sujit says :

    Yes i use pit file and also tik repartition but fail again and my screen goes black how i’m fix my phone phone

  40. jun says :

    When iam backup
    SamsungA menianRegular.t
    Error while making a backup image/system!
    iam using Hyperion 7 GM Final
    How to fix it!pls help me

  41. crossmarian says :

    ive tried 3 times but i always hav prob when restoring system! “Error while restoring /system” T_T

  42. nelly says :

    it worked for me. i just follow the instruction then i’m done. i can now play inotia 4 at sgy. i’m using hyperion 8.

  43. oracle_ says :

    where is this kuro kernel ?

  44. William says :

    hello, im using cusrom nemesis one 1.1 and using kernel hellfusion.
    my question, can i flash directly into kernel merruks ? or i must flash kernel kuro first ?
    thanks ..

  45. NIKHIL says :


  46. NIKHIL says :

    (1)FOR GAME,



  47. niko says :

    my mobile is stoped at galaxy y young…

    plz help me…i m in tension..

    i again root…there is written….
    sdcard/ not found……

    whats that….
    plz tell about this….
    where i found this file?????

  48. dorianyann says :

    bonjour pouvais vous m’aider en fesant votre truc mon tel a planté mersi

  49. niko says :

    my phone is stoped working at starting.. after rooting for increasing processior process…..
    plz plz help me….

    i do that by video of youtube…..
    ” Overclocking Samsung Galaxy Y to
    1.2Ghz with Merruk 2.5 Kernal “

  50. Jerome Payawal says :

    got the same error restoring/sytem

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