The CoD RoM Custom Rom for Samsung Galaxy Y

The COD Rom, made by “CoD.<D.J.>” from xda-developers is one of the best and stunning Rom ever released for Samsung Galaxy Y. The CoD RoM is based on DDLF2 and running a custom kernal (kuro kernel).


1. Fully transparent UI with JellyBean and ICS feel.
2. Modified stock apps no third party apps at all ( just one xperia launcher)
3. Improved swipe to remove notifications
4. 6 lockscreens
5. Stusbar tweaks + 15 toggles (EDT)
6. Features come from the kernel like governers and frequecy init.d.
7. Bravia Engine integrated
8. Fast and stable


1. Fully Deodexed , Zipaligned.
2. Removed some bloatwares.
3. Extended Settings app
4. ICS like Dialer and Phone app.
5. Statusbar fully jellybean themed.
6. Transparent MMS app with skins removed auto SMS to MMS conversion and increased recipents limit.
7. Transparent Gtalk, contacts, music app.
8. New market with wish list and no restrictions ( But you only can see the app downloading not compitible app may or may not work).
9. All google apps already updated and market update compatible.
10. Smooth scrolling through disabled scrolling cache.
11. Added init.d scripts for batter performance.
12. Xperia launcher with settings and already integrated Meego Icon theme.


Download the Rom file from mediafire : Download

Also Download this zip file  which contains apps. Flash this .zip file later when you complete installing the Rom : Download

Here’s a patch with some bugs cleared. : Download


How to Install?

  • Download the .zip file and copy to your sdcard. Be sure that you haven’t copied it to any folder,  just copy it to \sdcard.
  • Switch off you phone. When its completely off, Press the keys “Home Key”+ ” Volume Up” and “Unlock Key”.
  • Now your phone will enter into a place called “Android system recovery”.
  • Using the volume up and volume down key choose wipe data (click the home key to select it). This will clear all your phone data.
  • After doing wipe, select  apply update from sdcard and choose the .zip file you’ve copied.
  • Wait till everything completes.
  • Do the step 4 again (clear cache again).
  • Reboot your system and you are done.
  • Just wait for 15 mins. Boot again to recovery (Do steps above)
  • And this time, select
  • Done!



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3 responses to “The CoD RoM Custom Rom for Samsung Galaxy Y”

  1. lourds says :

    How to uninstall this rom?

  2. lourds says :

    How to uninstall this rom? Pls reply asap tnx

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